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South American Vacations

South American Vacations

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South American Vacations

Spanning 12 countries with over 400 million people, the continent of South America has so much to draw you in. The South American countries are truly melting pots of culture celebrated in each country and boast some of the world’s largest rain forests and rivers, as well as several ancient civilizations.

If you’re looking for gambling destinations, national park access, or beaches, several countries throughout South America fit the bill. And no matter where you go, there will be a wealth of food, art, music, and more to enjoy!


  • Brazil / Rio de Janeiro / Gramado
  • Argentina / Buenos Aires
  • Peru / Lima / Cusco / Machu Picchu
  • Chile / Santiago / Patagonia
  • Bolivia / La Paz
  • Ecuador / Quito
  • Venezuela
  • Panama
  • Columbia / Bogota / Cartagena
  • Uruguay / Montevideo
  • Galapagos Islands
  • And many more!

With so many cultures, countries, & destinations to choose from, it can be difficult to decide where you want to go!  Youngs Travel can help you pinpoint a destination and see that you get there.